Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival, Algood, TN © 2008


Just wanted to tell you and all the people who worked on the quilt festival how wonderful my sister and I thought it was. We have gone to our share of these festivals and we thought it was the best! We liked how you had the quilts displayed at different locations and of course the best was the tour of quilt patterns on barns. We are loking forward to next year.


Lynn Calcota and Connie Denton

Palestine, TX 



A Fundraiser for the Algood Senior Center, Sponsored by Our Community 

The Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival Board

Awards the 2018 Exemplary Service Award to Keith Morrison, City Manager,Algood, TN!


If you look up exemplary service in the dictionary you will see Keith’s picture there. He epitomizes the very words exemplary service. His support and dedication to the quilt festival is outstanding. Keith has contributed significantly to each year’s festival planning; he works tirelessly to promote the festival along with all the wonderful events in the city of Algood; and volunteers to help hang and take down quilts each year. Keith graduated from Rhea County High School in 1996. He taught school for 12 years in White County where he was voted ‘Teacher of the Year’ by students and faculty. Keith is married to Nikki Richardson Morrison and they have two children, Kylee, 13 and Caden, 9. Keith and his family enjoy camping and spending time together as family and working outside. “Keith is always busy doing something,” says Nikki Morrison. “Keith Morrison is a bright and shining star in his work with the City of Algood and the Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival,” says Melinda Bilbrey, Chair of the Governing Board of the Algood Senior Citizen Center. “He has worked tirelessly to help us improve the Senior Center and the quilt festival.” “Keith is constantly looking for ways to make Algood a great place to live and work,” according to Brenda Dishman, Director of the Algood Senior Center. “We sincerely appreciate Keith for all he does to help us. He continually supports the Algood Senior Center making improvements, and supports us in all of our endeavors. ” We salute Keith Morrison and thank him for his outstanding service to the Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival and the City of Algood, Tennessee. He truly represents our festival theme for 2018 – “Algood – All Good!

Let me begin by saying, “WOW”, you all put on a GREAT event!


I was part of the group of ladies attending Thursday and Friday from Monroe County, KY. We all had a GREAT time! And every one of us was inspired! I thought my vehicle was full of chatter on the way down, but that was nothing compared to the trip back home!!


The Barn and Home Tour was a very nice mix of quilts, local history, shopping, unique dining AND the great outdoors. We all enjoyed it. And, oh my gosh! I loved the lady at the white house! What an inspiration! As we came home     read more... 



A HUGE thanks go to you, your board, and cheerful volunteers.  We were impressed by so many aspects from the street post festival banners (that helped build anticipation) and the well placed signage at destination spots, to the workshop and variety of quilts on view.  And that does not even touch our fantastic homemade lunch and that fried apple pie!!! The hospitality was truly special and I appreciate all you personally did to ....


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