Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival Board,


Let me begin by saying, “WOW”, you all put on a GREAT event!


I was part of the group of ladies attending Thursday and Friday from Monroe County, KY. We all had a GREAT time! And every one of us was inspired! I thought my vehicle was full of chatter on the way down, but that was nothing compared to the trip back home!!


The Barn and Home Tour was a very nice mix of quilts, local history, shopping, unique dining AND the great outdoors. We all enjoyed it. And, oh my gosh! I loved the lady at the white house! What an inspiration! As we came home, we discussed and pretty well designed a tour for our 2018 event! We will be finalizing it in the near future. You can watch for details at http://parks.ky.gov/parks/historicsites/old-mulkey/events.aspx.


Thursday night’s dinner was GREAT! Not just the food, but the whole thing! There was such a feeling of community there! We just couldn’t get over the support you had from your elected officials and the banks!! We are sooooooo jealous!


Everywhere we went, everyone we talked to was polite! There were no exceptions to that! Oh course, the frosting on the cake was sitting at the auctioneer’s table. Talk about an advocate for his community! Wow, you all should give him a prize! Thanks to him, I will be attending the upcoming “Cooking on the Square”. 2018 is the year of Food for Kentucky and I might host a similar event here.


Friday was GREAT too! We made so many good contacts and got so many great ideas! I think EVERY one of us purchased something at the Country Store. We found all the stops right away except for the nursing home. But one quick correction and we were able to get to it easily enough.


I am already looking forward to coming back next year and bringing my mother. And I’m challenging our local quilters to participate in your show. Security is always a question for them, but from what I saw, you all have that covered!


Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We really appreciated it. You all did a wonderful job! Congrats on a GREAT event.


Sheila Rush, Manager, Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Site, 38 Old Mulkey Park Road, Tompkinsville, KY 42167


Home of the annual “Celebration of Quilts & Quilting”